Clean one owner

Engineering companies need photos of the projects they build out. Whether they hang the photos in the office to show new customers or possibly they will use them for the web page.  Either way the benefits from showing new clients are great.

See the shots below to get an idea of what mechanical rooms should look like -

Floors and equipment so clean.... well you could eat off it !

The most remote location

2017 also took us to the most remote location to date-
Clayton Valley Nevada.

Clayton Valley is 300 miles from nowhere ! no kidding.
North and West of Las Vegas, it took 4 hours out and back just for pizza!

Best pizza ever!

Welcome 2018

As 2018 arrives and 2017 is a memory, we here at Coldcreek wish to look back at some of the projects that we were grateful to have shot -

Last year proved to be one of our most busy to date-
With the United Site Services project -
See a few of the award winning photos below-
These photos were captured at the Los Angeles Tesoro Oil Refinery. This place is one of the most secure sites on the west coast ! took nearly 1 1/2 hours just to gain access, of course that is after watching a movie on refinery safety.